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"I'm planting a seed, to contest the weed!"

When you're arrested for marijuana, a field drug test kit is used.  It has been scientifically proven that the field drug test kit used by the police is junk science.  Your freedom is based on this test result.  It is a determining factor in the decision regarding whether or not an arrest will be made.  Yes, the police are doing their job, but  they are defending their actions by using junk science.  That's not justice. It's blind, unquestioning capitulation that is not only morally questionable, it contradicts their sworn duties to serve and protect.  

The prosecution's job is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a substance is marijuana.

Everyone arrested for marijuana should contest the evidence, whether they know if it is marijuana or not.


Because retesting hundreds of thousands  of people arrested for marijuana would be financially  unsustainable. It would become so expensive that they wouldn't be able to effectively enforce the law.

Here is the kicker, you do it before making a plea deal, and there is a chance your case could be dismissed!  

Need more information? Lots of evidence here.

"Plant the seed. Contest the weed"



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